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      Core Values 
      Performance is the first, efficiency is the highest, the implementation of the first, the innovation is supreme. 

      Spirit of Enterprise 
      The enterprise as their own home, the occupation as their own business 
      Enterprise Target 

      Do something to fine,to standardization,to strong and to big to achieve security, environmental protection and energy saving. 

      Profit Piew 
      Shubo is pursuit of "moral profit".Morality can get a long-time interest . 
      Innovation Pursuit 
      The way out is to innovate.

      Brand pursuit 
      Science and technology, culture and environmental green 

      The brand strategy 
      Brand first, shu bo is famous for its brand. We have both High-end and low-end product, high-end focus on enhancing brand image; low-end focus on resources reasonable configuration; High-end is like the king and low-end determine the victory. 

      Employment requirement 
      Working as if in the probation period 

      Handling difficulties and problems 
      Only subjective reasons, there is no excuse for objective 

      Sunshine strategy 
      With the cultivation of clean government as the core of "public interests above everything else, and fair and just" "sunshine project" is the core of the shu bo project 

      With competitors 
      Competitor is the best teacher 

      Treat others 
      Always with gratitude 

      View of life 
      Positive, healthy and upward the happiness of life 

      With suppliers 
      To establish a strategic cooperative partnership between factory and factory, do honest 

      Job requirements 
      Everything can be done well except the people can’t do it well 

      Ideas lead to future, altitude of ideas decides the altitude of the work 

      Marketing pursuit 
      Only the thought of off-season, marketing never has off-season 

      Potential tapping pursuit 
      Dig the enormous potential 

      Performance requirements 
      No achievement is a fault, so is small one, judge by the performance. 

      Attitude decided to height, detail decides success 
      Don’t be satisfied with the status quo, constantly improve the standard, find the problem and solve it, move to a higher platform